Monday, May 20, 2013

One to remember!

Project1542 Audio log 5-20-2013

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This I can absolutely say is the best work so far in Ableton, it just sounds really good. The other 2 works that were posted earlier fail in comparison to this. It really shines. Playing it is a joy all in itself, feeling like a producer directing each instrument telling when and where to sound. Ableton takes so much work but this work really pays off. So now cheers, to tear it down, reconstruct, rebuild and do 100,000 more times, and 100,000 times better. Only thing I would like to add is some live guitar with some deep hard chords on the bridge, maybe some lead and vocals.
Other than that it feels solid. I know you will feel the same way, if you don’t, well I have no idea what you are doing reading this. That is the confidence this has produced.  
Thanks to the guys at Ableton for making Live 9. Its mind bogglingly complex and hard to learn, when your left brain is Cubase and have no previous electronic music background it was hard at the very least to retrain a brain. However it has help make some fantastic work, and it’s totally up to the operator to create, innovate, and express, that is what the music is all about.

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