Wednesday, February 20, 2013

-Private stock mix – To – Public-

To start off let’s see where we have come since the inception of the project. In the days of the beginning it there was 2 of us jamming on some guitars, or bass, probably drunk, stoned or somewhere in-between. We liked what we were playing however we had no place to take it beyond the confines of small parties, groups of friends and our living room floor. 

From there we graduated to studio recording lots of sharing and eventually YouTube postings, 1st gig and so on. During that time we have all grown up a little some of us spreading to other cities and places. What we have now though represents a continuing of that original passion for music in all its forms. Now two of us make music the way two people can do it best, grim is good with drums and sampling; and I now am controlling DAW’s, recording, effects setups, wiring, keys, and guitar.
Although grim is leaving, for the fast paced world of physics. I hope to carry on the music although by myself with all the great sounds from only one console. This is one of the final mixes for grim and I, and although he is leaving we have immortalized him with the countless hours of sampling and mixing of drums, and beats that has led to the Project1542 beat library. Now here it is several projects created entirely by me through use of grim as the sampler, are now in a nonstop mix! The mix was produced in Cubase then imported to Ableton Live, thanks to the wonderful APC40 made by Akai, I can now bring the sound out of the studio setting and on to the main stage, if we choose. For now listen to the very first mix (yes very first), of the Ultrarelativistic.
Taken full circle from the start of a jam, production, recording, mixing and now DJ like template used in conjunction with Ableton Live, to bring it to you live, this we hope is not like anything you have been hearing because this is a start to finish electro-hybrid mix.  


This will be improved and lengthened as time will allow, plenty of content to add.  Link below