Monday, February 27, 2012

New album will be released with CC

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Here it is the new album cover..Other sizes linked below.

Cover-art: Project1542 Ex Atrum in Lux lucis (web release) Huge

Cover-art: Project1542 Ex Atum in Lux Lucis (web release) Medium

From Stan

There is a country,
There is a country where there are prisons
There is a country where there are prisons for children
There is a country where there are prisons for men
There is a country where there are prisons for women
There is a country where there are prisons for men women and children

There is a country where the prisons have the highest rate of incarceration of men women and children

This is the country that imprisons the population
This is the country that imprisons the children
This is the country that imprisons the men women and children
This is the country that has highest prison population in the world

This is a country where banks we liberated
Liberated from laws and from blamelessness
This is the country where banks, plagiarize, and plunder
A country where all that’s left is a job with no health
A country where all that’s left is a job
Not wealth not future not breath.
This is the country, given liberty its last breath.

So what is left?
Symbolic protest
Media from the left
Elect the man the supports the left
Left is only to right, bolth right and left hands are connected
To what’s left
Our breath,

Now to stop the lies, because of death
But claim what is yours, what is only left
Your family, your home, you bones,
and the only things you have left.

Life or Death
Doxastic logic

B: {b1,b2,...,bn}

That is left

Now leave, without division, with breath.
Now leave, with moral, with conscience of death
So you will not divide, hate or side with death
So you can go to change the lives of those without death
So you can go to see the right, left, red, blue has taken liberty’s breath, and the cycle can be put to death!

Sounds Good!!!  We are now starting on Labeling and packaging. Final release will be on the blog. All of the songs will be released on YouTube no probably with a background image, and audio. Working on some fine cover art thanks to Evan, and Carr. We are also still working on new content, look at the post above for some perspective. We have always liked adding our own theme to videos that we have posted. Themes that you can pick up on from the mood of the song. This will be something of a first for us. Peace!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Star Becomes Conscious

Working on some great effects, pushing for a 15 to 20 minute movie. Check out the rendering above.
Ex Atrum in Lux Lucis (web release) is still TBA, although we have had more progress lately with everyone listening to the final tracks. Look here any week now it will be posted, videos made etc.... Stay tuned!!!

Ex Atrum in Lux lucis (WEB RELEASE) 

List of songs old and new
1.Fields of tranquility 
2.Flying in the sky 
3.Falling with no end! 
4. Reflection of a soul 
5.Where is here 
6.Cars lost 
7.Dr lobotomy psychotic 
8.Give the people what they want 
9. IT HAS CHANGED(Pillars of creation)
11. Mother blue
12.Sunlight @ Night
13.Why are we here
14.Offset of me
16.Future in Darkness
17.Just want to be like Eddie Vetter
18.Conflict theory
19.Sliding Hope
20.Rolling with tempo

Monday, February 20, 2012

First post

Project1542 In 2012

New video on the left just a peek of whats to come.This will be the first entry in the project1542 log. This will be an official journal,news of the band, and progress of songs and new videos. We hope you will join us in the ride. 

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aperiO Films (10 Rings Pictures) has made a great contribution to our work, making videos for us. Over the last year he has made us look to the inner part of our souls to find music changing vibrational frequency of art. This has let us focus on what really important to us MUSIC! If you like the band do us a favor and check out aperi0 videos and subscribe. He is always making new videos.