Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Project1542 Audio Log 5-28-2013

So to start out I have some original material, then a one hour continuous mix by Stan.  The first is another totally new production built from the ground up. I included a screenshot for below for viewing pleasure, so you can see the kind of effort that has gone into making it. For the most part it is a large portion produced with a good amount of time put in it…(easy and easier I might add), and with that time brings the power of bending a song to you will each step of the way.

Pay no attention to the length because it’s really two songs the second portion really just got mixed at the last minute as part of a larger live set… see picture below. Included guitar which I takes me back to some of the stuff we were producing earlier last summer, however this time it is not just this solid concrete thing that does not change, more like a ambient and dynamic electronic sound with a great deal of stage worthy modifiable musical properties. The name is a play on words (hidden meaning in everything). 

 Second part is a mix of some old school trance I have been listening too, from the days when the balearic island of Ibiza was the creator of some fantastic feel good music. My visit there forever altered my taste in music, and sound which to this day I have always been chasing. In hopes of bringing that same experience back here is the track list for Stan’s euphoric mix.

Stan’s Euphoric classics mix-
1.      Boccaccio - The sercret wish "0-3:46"
2.      Mauro Picotto - Lizard "3:46-8:25"
3.      Sasha - Xpander "8:25-12:30"
4.      Lovechild - Liberta "12:30-17:04"
5.      Pulser - Cloud walking "21:41-25:50"
6.      Gate - Iron Eden "21:41-30:54"
7.      Push - Strange world "30:54-34:47"
8.      Lost Tribe - Gamemaster "34:47-39:21"
9.      Angelli & nelson - El Nino "39:21-44:28"
10.  Cascade - Trancend "44:28-48:06"
11.  PPK - ressurection "48:06-52:28"
12.  Veracocha - Carte Blanche "52:28-58:13

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