Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Project1542 Audio Log 1-22-2013

More samplelogic goodness! 

Partly restructured added filters limiters and some parallel compression for a nice thumb sound. Over all structure is the same just 2 peaks instead of the one before. Grim has added a drum line but for now its being left out, we are having problems limiting the drums and creating that same thump without blowing the RMS. Couple of days and you can check back on that as for now, we think it is miles better then before and it is loud and polyphonic. Best way to enjoy is with a good pair of headphones or a killer stereo or 5.1 anything else and you are missing the expansion waves from the effects setup..Enjoy!  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Project1542 Audio Log 1-8-2013

New tune for the New Year. 

Resembling some kind of turn of a dial from, crossover, happy hardcore, then on into trance, trance anthem, club mix, progressive trance kind of sound. It might sound like you took a trip back early 2000s, however it is what we were trying to accomplish. Many people do not understand how Project1542 goes from, rock, hard rock, jam kind of style, to something like a trance anthem...the answer? Is in the repetitive slow building eruption feeling that culminates in the crescendo peak of the song or mix, the sound is unique, and very interesting because of its complexity. We want to recreate that in a less electronic fashion with a mix of analog and electronic sounds. Then comes the task of learning the essence of what we are looking for….This song is part of that journey from beginning of trance to progressive trance (no Dubstep) sound. For the mean time enjoy Sample logic found below. It’s long like past couple we have been working on but that is the point.