Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Long time since the last post..coming back with something fantastic

After various equipment and computer upgrades it seems like it has been so long. Equipment added to the Project1542 Studio: Axiom Pro 49, ProjectMix I/O also M-Audio, Novation Launchpad (3), APC20 from Akai, Ableton live suite, Physical ReFx Nexus 2, Audix DP7 Drum mic kit, various other computer upgrades and one replaced HDD (only 2 years old :(  ). So what was the point of all   of this....? Its really all about bringing all the things that we love in the studio, out and on the stage. Are we ready live...... it needs some work. Ableton live is massive and there is so much great stuff you can do with it all of it live, on the down side midi cables all over hell and so many drivers and settings it will make you head twirl. 5 weeks down the line things are setting in, midi controllers are becoming like 2nd hands and things are getting easier, on that note here is the latest song (working on it right now) Absinthe of light