Sunday, March 18, 2012

To be assimilated or to assume the culture

To be assimilated or to assume the culture:
Cultural assimilation
Are you are the person that wants to change, change all things. Are you the person that has the introspective eye, of difference and love of difference ideas great or small?  Your culture thus far has brought you so far away from mainstream ideas. Is this a virtue something within you, or have walked far from deviance. Have you taken the blue pill for blissful mind and true to the rules that they have set before you? Have you taken the red pill for the painful truth, where none of us can seek shelter in knowledge? I ask you, yes! Each of you, are the two paths the ones that are real? Because the task of organization bureaucratization is following its own order without malice or discontent, it does not have eyes or a mouth or a breath, it only survives on information. What you do, what you like, your short browse at night it wants to consume all whom will talk to it. Then it will know what is you, it will categorize you, and you will be just one of a small group. A small group of ideas and that is all that it will know, but who will be the one to read it. There will be one who will control this information, and it will judge if you will is one, or if is part of the collective. It will have its own desires and take what it needs. There will be no pleading or asks of please. So will you join the group of the blissful collective, or take the red pill and join the look at the world in true eyes, sacred or profane.  The answer….. you must join because there is nowhere to hide, it will know everything that is you. There will be no true red or blue pill, you existence will only be assimilated. Shure you can fight you can run and hide, but the new world will come, and in the end you will only be part of the solution or the problem to the one who that has the question. In Cultural assimilation it is only time before the minority is devoured. 

By -Stan

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