Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fields Of Tranquility 

Its here the first song in the collection Fields of Tranquility, enjoy! There will be many that others that will follow.

Ex Atrum In Lux Lucis ( Web Release) 

This has been a combined effort all members of the band, and we hope you enjoy!

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Here it is download zip or links below_

Ex Atrum In Lux Lucis (Web Release) ZIP

Md5 453557B4B62033BD86975751D40BBB60 *Project 1542 Ex Atrum In Lux Lucis (web release).zip

Links to Individual Tracks

Disc 1
01-Fields of Tranquility

02-Flying in the sky

03-Falling with no end

04-Reflection of a Soul

05-Where is Here_

06-Cars Lost

07-Dr.Lobotomy ( Psychotic )

08-Give the people what they want

09-It has changed (pillars of creation)

10-Is there only one way to do it

11-Mother Blue

Disc 2

01-why are we here

02-Sunlight @ Night

03-Sliding Hope

04-Rolling With Tempo


06-Offset of Me

07-Just want to be like Eddie Vetter

08-Future in Darkness

09-Conflict Theory

More to come, please enjoy these tracks in the order they are numbered for best effect............

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