Sunday, December 30, 2012

Project1542 Audio log

Wanted to share something we have been working on, it does not have any filters limiters or anything like that so be careful if you have a big sound system. It progressive, edgy, and another monster of a track (almost 16min). We have almost 7 more min in midi and drums and bass that has yet to be added on. Oh did I mention that we are using a guitar to mid USB plug (sonuus i2M musicport) that has come out very nice you will notice it if you listen real hard, however there is lots that is dubbed and quantized… get it right here

On a separate note all previous content will be removed soon...making way for new content and also killing old links. So now is the time to download if you don't get it now it will probably be here in some future re-post of madness.
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