Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Space Lottery?

What is .........Project 1542.......We create, We innovate,We make music, and we are in a state of always outside the box creativity and thinking. So what can Project 1542 be....It also can be a non-profit project for sending people to SPACE! 
            Project 1542 = Music,and Nonprofit-Organization for space lottery 

                                                        THE PLAN
So many people would love leave this pale blue dot, if only for a moment, to be apart of an experience that will last the reset of you life. Many people have said going into space was the defining moment in their life. What we want to do is to give a large part of the population that one chance...chance to change their lives forever through the means of space travel. So how are we going to complete the monumental task of putting a man/woman in space, the answer? On 11/12/12 we will be posting our plan for achieving all of this. Would you like to join or help the project? Email us a

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