Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Absinthe of light 10-24-2012

After a steep learning curve..pretty much bashing heads against reproduce sounds in Cubase 5 that are factory shipped in Ableton Live we have achieved some. It probably does not sound like the effort that has been put in to this song is in fact countless hours huddled over Ableton live waching tutorials ect , however it has been all of that. What saved us in the end is fabfilter ( expensive suite of filters that does the same as what Ableton does built right in, what it saved though is the ability to create those memorable peak times in music. So how have we done......I am first to say that it still needs lots of work, on the other hand trying to recreate a hole genera of music has been a task, so for now take a listen to Absinthe of light 10-24-2012 and tell us how we have done. More versions to come very soon..along with lots of other stuff, for now a small break................................
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