Monday, April 16, 2012


Awaken the voice the consciousnesses within
This virtual life, that I have been living in....
Things that we rejoice the feelings within, this is the part, that's distracting us in
to the world revoked form darkness and sin.
I am leaving now...
I am leaving now....

Back to real world
Back to time that does not lie
Back to to the mind of daily life
Back to days manipulating life

Who's is the real world they might decide
they would be right but they do not fight
for the things that give joy and light.
So who's is the real world, is yours a real world.
this world is a physical world, formed by you touch
there is not much that can separate the touch of the things we can't see.
the ghost in the machine, a dimension above, the quanta we roam.

I can see what you can see, can you see what they see
History res they es impeditus vultus gnarus
Mens promiscuus sursum per lingua.
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