Monday, February 20, 2012

First post

Project1542 In 2012

New video on the left just a peek of whats to come.This will be the first entry in the project1542 log. This will be an official journal,news of the band, and progress of songs and new videos. We hope you will join us in the ride. 

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aperiO Films (10 Rings Pictures) has made a great contribution to our work, making videos for us. Over the last year he has made us look to the inner part of our souls to find music changing vibrational frequency of art. This has let us focus on what really important to us MUSIC! If you like the band do us a favor and check out aperi0 videos and subscribe. He is always making new videos.  

    PROJECT1542 came to be in late '05.The band was formed by musicians Grimlock ludemquist(drums) Stan Nielsen(guitar studio) Mason Gibbs (bass) and Jameson Carr (rhythm guitar) .Since its inception the band has dabbled in experimental music inspired by Acoustic Rock/Electric Rock/Blues/Metal, life's dark sense of humor and the forces of Good and Evil that make the world turn. The music and words are influenced by the great musicians of the past and present, dead and alive. The music is an experimental journey into the subconscious culminating in the evolution of thought,character and life.

    We are working on all kinds of stuff. This is a little video showing off some future stuff; alongside some music rendering that will be incorporated in to future music video projects. We are also releasing sometime (2012) Our album Ex Atrum In Lux Lucis (Web Release) we are working hard on it. This will be completely free and have creative commons license so you can do whatever you want with it. Web release is 20 tracks post more details below.

    Ex Atrum in Lux lucis (WEB RELEASE) 

    List of songs old and new
    1.Fields of tranquility 
    2.Flying in the sky 
    3.Falling with no end! 
    4. Reflection of a soul 
    5.Where is here 
    6.Cars lost 
    7.Dr lobotomy psychotic 
    8.Give the people what they want 
    9. IT HAS CHANGED(Pillars of creation)
    11. Mother blue
    12.Sunlight @ Night
    13.Why are we here
    14.Offset of me
    16.Future in Darkness
    17.Just want to be like Eddie Vetter
    18.Conflict theory
    19.Sliding Hope
    20.Rolling with tempo

    Look here for news!! More to come!!!!!
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